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Crow #hayko #haykocepkin #cepking #drawing #art #rajz #crow #wings #török #turkish #music

Crow #hayko #haykocepkin #cepking #drawing #art #rajz #crow #wings #török #turkish #music

Wumpscut - Thorns

Once someone told
A story about these small desert birds
Throwing themselves
In thorns when copulating in lust

And while embraced by death
They sing so fine than never
And while embraced by death
They stay in love forever

Like martyrs do
They dedicate their lifes in deep vein
Of ancient vows
And die of flaring ardou in haze

Thorns they lurk on roses stem
Thet do intend no harm them

Squeezing me hard
In thorns that burn like a fire inside
Thrilling my head
Until they rip my shivering skin

Thorns they lurk on rosest stem
They do intend no harm them
They lurk on bodies stem
They make my heart arise them

Tonight you sleep in hell

The sexiest beast ever~

Erdem Yener - Rüyalar Kızı

~many thanks to Sonmaresal for showing it to me~

ahahaha:D You can write: Erdem Yener-Rüyalar Kızı/Duman-Haberin Yok Ölüyorum/ Duman-Köpekler/ Five Finger Death Punch-Coming Down/ Five Finger Death Punch-Lift me up/ Turan Ensemble-Şaman Ayini/ Sting-Desert Rose/Pentagram-Doğmadan Önce(its so valued for me)/Pentagram-1000 in the eastland

WOOOOOOW!!! I listened to every track! Erdem Yener is so fantastic! I love Rüyalar Kızı so much! And the ‘Coming Down’ is fantastic too! And ‘Doğmadan Önce’ is beautiful! Turkish language is simply amazing!!! Oh and Sting’s Desert Rose is one of my old favorites (((: Thank you! Now I think I’ll listen to Erdem Yener all night long :D

Is the same as our music enjoyment my friend. :):):) My favourite bands and singers are Rammstein,Duman,Five Finger Death Punch,Skillet,Hypnogaja,Bruce Dickinson, Turan Ensemble,Nickelback,Yabgu,Ulytau,Pentagram,Sting,The Pierces,30 Seconds to Mars,Bilge Kağan,Erdem Yener.

Yaaaaay, I spent the last 3 days listening to Rammstein xD They are GREAT! You wrote some names I don’t know, so now I’m going to search them on youtube :D

I listened to Acylum,Wumpscut,Combichrist because of you, i love it. I do not love Hayko Cepkin, because he is a armenian.i love u so muchhh:):):):):)

I can’t find words to explain you the happiness I felt when you wrote that you like my favorite musics! Seni çok seviyorum (((: Uh, imagine that my favorite singer from my childhood prefers the political party which one I hate the most…! It’s totally depressing and sad -.-” (LOL am I the only one who judge people by their political views? xDDD)



Simply beautiful and amazing&#8230;!



Simply beautiful and amazing…!

Helló! Sayan! :) Your music type is amazing:):)

Merhaba! Awww thank you, you made my day! I’m glad you like it! Music means me… almost everything (((: (and it seems we have some common interests :D) Which is your favorite band/who’s your favorite singer? Do you know Combichrist, Acylum or Wumpscut…? Or Hayko Cepkin? :DDD (I know it was a bad joke :D) I love his voice soooo much too c:

My second meeting with an AN-2 ((: #antonov2 #an2 #flying #aviation #cockpit #hdr #happiness

My second meeting with an AN-2 ((: #antonov2 #an2 #flying #aviation #cockpit #hdr #happiness

What an amazing picture of Andy…! Thanks for it, LouvauPhoto!